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Offer Valid: 04/01/2020 - 06/30/2020

Social media marketing is a must if you want to stay relevant in today’s marketplace: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, and the list goes on.  Not only must you market through social media, but your content must be relevant and quickly convey your marketing message in little more time than a blink of an eye, making that old axiom even truer: a picture IS worth 1,000 words.  How do you accurately convey your message using internet clip art images that don’t truly represent your business and marketing message?  How do you then use those same images in your print materials to convey continuity in your messaging?  How much time do you spend looking for those images?  Most likely, you are trying to do the impossible and ending up with a sub-par image or, worse yet, finding nothing really suitable that creates the business impression you want out there in the public’s eye.  Now, you can have accessible custom content for which you own the rights to use across social and print media, and you can Dare to Avoid Mediocrity and stand out from the competition!  Here are three photo packages that will get you started and clearly, professionally convey your business and marketing message:
Social Media Lite - $200
The Social Media lite package includes as much as one hour of on-site shoot time and will result in a group of 8, professional grade images suitable for the web or print.  You and your photographer will map out a custom photo shoot plan providing images of your product, service, team members and services customized to your specific image needs.  Your gallery of finished images will be sized to fit the specific requirements of a particular media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, etc., and you will receive high resolution versions of your images suitable for posters, flyers and other traditional print media.  If the planned images include model talent (charged separately), your images will come complete with not only print permission necessary to meet copyright standards, but they will also include a copy of the Model Release for any likeness included in your image package.
4-week Content Package - $450

The 4-week Content package includes all of the features of the Social Media Lite package and as much as two hours of on-site shoot time, resulting in 20 images - enough for a new, daily marketing image for a month of new advertising content.
Social Media Complete - $750

This package includes all of the lesser package products, for a total of 28 marketing images, and The Professional headshot package, a $125 value.
Custom Media Packages

Not seeing exactly what you want?  Consultations and estimates are free, so let customize a media package to meet your needs!  Call (304) 277-7700 for an appointment.
Note: Remote shoot locations may incur additional charges.  Lite and 4-week packages do not include traditional head shot images (sold separately).  A complete estimate will be provided for any proposed shoot and will include all proposed service costs and add-ons such as extended travel time or hired model talent

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