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D.O.C Healthcare provides Recovery (Medication Assisted Treatment/Suboxone) and Preventive care. Our main focus is helping patients with substance abuse disorders get treatment and return to normalcy. We open our first medical in 2008 in the South New Jersey area and recently open second office in Clarksburg, West Virginia. We are excited to be in the City of Clarksburg to not provide primary/preventive but recovery care. We are big in educating our Medication Assisted Treatment patients in being knowledgeable on scheduling their screening tests such as pap smear. colonoscopy, blood pressure checks just to name a fee. We don't only treat patients' current substance abuse disorders but the whole patients from getting them from point A to point Z. We will refer our patients to services and resources that are deemed to benefit them so that their overall health can manage properly. We currently accepting new patients seeking Medication Assisted Treatment.

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