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About Us

At AES, structural engineering involves more than just sizing beams and columns. It's about listening and communicating efficiently, prioritizing your goals, devising customized solutions, and ultimately delivering an excellent product.

Drawing upon 650 years of experience, over 30,000 projects, upwards of $17 billion total for construction costs, 18+ active industries, and 13+ years of experience using Revit across all of our affiliated offices, we have what it takes to provide excellent design - no matter the project size.

But most importantly, our engineers continually adapt to make the most of every project. We are invested in your goals, designing a product tailored to your vision.

We are passionate about design, and we serve our clients by crafting structures in which people live, learn, work, play, heal, worship, and more. At AES, our engineers enjoy what they do and so they do it well - bringing architectural visions to life.

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